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2016 American crime-drama film starring Jeff Bridges, Ben Foster and Chris Pine.

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How did Hamilton figure out the pattern?

In Hell or High Water Texas Ranger Hamilton decides to observe a branch of the Texas Midlands in the city of Coleman, expecting the Howards to rob this soon. And indeed this was the plan. Due to ...
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What is Ben Foster doing in this scene?

In the movie Hell Or High Water, what is Ben Foster's character doing to the girl in the scene at the casino? To me, it seems like he is doing something nasty with the chip, pushing toward her body ...
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In "Hell or High Water", why don't they catch Toby?

In the film's ending, Toby isn't captured. Why? First of all, he was spotted in a restaurant eating with his brother. The restaurant seemed busy, so even if the fat waitress inexplicably refuses to ...
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Why do they only want loose cash and not bundles?

When they rob the bank in Hell or High Water they say: ... none of them in bundles, just the loose cash. Why do they only want loose cash and not bundles? Why do they only steal small amounts of ...
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What movies does "Hell or High Water" reference?

What movies does the 2016 film Hell or High Water reference? Certainly there is a thematic congruence with The Wild Bunch regarding men, specifically bank robbers whom history has passed by. The ...
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