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Is the character of "the Swede" a "method actor" in Hell On Wheels?

According to the real history of the intercontinental railroad, Hell on Wheels takes place in the years just after the American Civil War. (The golden spike was hammered in in 1869.) Now, ...
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Why does Chang care so much Mei has left the company?

In Hell On Wheels, episode "Any Sum Within Reason" (season 5 episode 12) I'm confused with what happens between Mei Phong and Chang. Railroad workers get killed all the time. Why is Chang so adamant ...
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Significance of Mei's tea box?

During "Any Sum Within Reason" the 12th episode of Hell on Wheels' season five: (S05E12) When he returns to his quarters, he finds Mei gone. On the bed, he finds the box her father left her – the ...
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