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What "night" is Hawkins referring to?

In the slasher movie Halloween (2018), a vehicle carrying mentally disabled people including Michael Meyers flipped over the side of the road. They all ended up scattered all over the road. After the ...
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Who caused the bus crash?

After having watched Halloween (2018) last night, my mates and I argued about the cause of the bus crash. Somewhere during the movie, someone claims that Myers overpowered the guard and the driver ...
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Why was the doctor left alive in the bus?

In Halloween (2018), the bus carrying Myers and his doctor (Dr. Ranbir Sartain) crashes. The guard and driver are found dead (presumably killed by Myers), but the doctor is alive and well inside the ...
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Did Goosebumps 2 have a reference to the Halloween 2018 movie?

I went to see the Goosebumps 2 movie yesterday and I could swear I saw brief shots of two actors featured in the Halloween movie also playing in theaters, which I saw the previous weekend. During a ...
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How does Michael Myers choose his victims

I'd like to keep this question specific to Halloween (2018) as I know other installments of the film have somewhat changed the lore and ideas behind Michael Myers, and I haven't seen them all so I'm ...
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