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After surfacing between 2 allied destroyers, how did U-boat's gun crews stay alive so long, firing their guns?

As soon as the U-boat surfaced, 'Dicky' and 'Greyhound' would have started shooting it. I know that the U-boat slipped under the destroyers' mounted naval guns, but a destroyer crew can still shoot ...
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Why did the warships stray from the convoy?

At the beginning of Greyhound, two ships strayed 6 miles away from the rest of the convoy. Why was this? Were they fleeing or did they already know about the:
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Why is there blood on the commander Krause's foot?

It seems that Krause's foot gets hurt - he changes from boots to slippers, there is blood on the floor and slippers (~1h 6m into the movie). How did this happen? Why didn't he receive first aid?
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Why would U boats even try to torpedo a Fletcher-class destroyer?

Some US Navy veteran — I cannot remember the name — chided Greyhound 2020, because it's unrealistic that U boats would even attempt to torpedo a US Navy WWII destroyer. But Retired US Navy Admiral ...
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Why did US Navy sailors apologize for swearing, even in front of C.O.?

USN sailors apologizing for swearing, accurate? Why apologize? Don't sailors cuss? USN sailor said "Son of a bitch ricocheted off the surface" in front of Commander Ernest Krause. Then ...
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Would a messmate really be helping the gun crew during a battle?

In the Greyhound movie, we can see a black messmate (or is it "messman"?) Cleveland regularly bringing food to the captain. When the U-boats attack, there is a moment, when we can see ...
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Why was this sailor painting a Swastika on a US Destroyer?

In the WWII movie Greyhound (2020), at about 25:00 we can see a sailor painting a Swastika symbol on the ship. This happens right after they have sunk a Nazi U-Boat. Why was this sailor painting a ...
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What do “Uncle William” and “Baker Dog" mean?

I can infer that they are intended for aircraft to recognize the Greyhound, and for the Greyhound to confirm its identity. But do these code noun phrases signify anything more? They appear twice in ...
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