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This Warner Bros. movie was released in 1984. This fantasy movie is about an odd creature called Mogwai, a pet for a young boy, that has the ability to copy or clone itself.

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Why was "the Santa Claus story" included in Gremlins?

In Gremlins (1984), Kate tells Billy the story of a horrible Christmas, how her father wanted to surprise the family by climbing down the chimney, but slipped, fell, broke his neck, and had his corpse ...
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Need some clarification on the Gremlins “after midnight” rule [closed]

In the first Gremlins (1984) film, the buyers are instructed to not feed him (Mogwai) after midnight. What does “after midnight” mean exactly? What if they give Mogwai food at 6:00 MA or 7:00 AM? How ...
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First movie that collaborated with fast-food outlets?

In 1984, the movie Gremlins teamed up with Hardees to sell a set of LPs that came along with the movie: Each week a different record would be sold, thus, each week, parents had to take their children ...
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