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2013 Movie - Drama/SciFi/Thriller - Starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Disaster strikes during a space-walk to install a new component on the Hubble Space telescope leaving the astronauts in a life or death race to get back to earth safely.

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Could a modern movie such as "Gravity" have been constructed/produced/directed by a crew who never went to college? [closed]

To keep this semi-specific, I'm restricting the case study to the film "Gravity" I'm wondering if the sort of directing, cinematography and special effects you find in that film could have ...
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How did they film two satellites colliding in supposed 'zero gravity' out in space?

The movie Gravity (2013) shows a woman that has been stranded out in space, she was rescued by a male friend that in fact died from lack of oxygen. In the following clip: ...
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Why did he have to let go? [duplicate]

In Gravity, when they get back to the ISS, she was barely holding onto him, but they were both stopped. Why, then, did he have to let go or otherwise he'd pull her with him? As far as I could tell, ...
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What does Stone's woofing symbolize in Gravity?

I read an amazing allegory of the film Gravity in IMDB and I believe every scene in Gravity does symbolizes something. So at the last of the movie Stone got a radio-connection from Earth. But ...
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On two occasions, the main character opens a capsule hatch and the hatch blows open violently

Surely the character knows this will happen through her training. Why wouldn't the hatch have a better mechanism such that astronauts do not run the risk of flying into space.
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Why was George Clooney pulling Sandra Bullock away? [duplicate]

There is a scene where Bullock's foot was tangled in the parachute's strings and she was holding onto the tether which Clooney is also holding onto. Clooney was still floating away, almost like he was ...
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What causes the tension in the strap between Dr. Ryan and Matt?

In the scene where Dr. Ryan Stone's (Sandra Bullock) leg is entangled in Soyuz's parachute cords and she is tethered with Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) through a strap, there is tension in the strap, ...
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Why would the satellite debris have followed the Tiangong out of orbit?

The antagonist of the film Gravity is a wave of shrapnel which circles the earth every 90 minutes. The result of a "controlled destruction" of a defunct Russian Satellite (what is this, the cold war?!)...
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Would NASA have known about the oncoming debris in Gravity?

In the film, Gravity, the protagonists are warned early on of destruction headed their way. My question is: shouldn't NASA have predicted this beforehand? I'm not a rocket scientist, but wouldn't ...
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Where were the Chinese?

In the film Gravity, Stone makes her way to the Chinese space station. When they reached ISS, we saw that the crew of the ISS had abandoned the station, taking one of its two Soyuz capsules. There ...
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What land formation was that?

At the end of the film Gravity, we see some land formations up close. There's a particularly distinctive swirly island/sandbar that I'm referring to. Shortly afterwards, Stone lands, and I'm curious ...
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