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A 1997 American drama film, directed by Gus Van Sant, about Will Hunting a janitor gifted for mathematics but struggling to find his identity, starring Robin Williams and Matt Damon.

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Why does Robin Williams have a dark beard in the poster?

In the poster of 1997 movie Good Will Hunting Robin Williams' character Sean Maguire has a dark beard compared with the movie itself: Why is there this difference?
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Why isn't Robin Williams in Sean's military photo?

In Good Will Hunting (1997) during the scene where Will and Sean have their first session, Will notices a photo of Sean and his buddies in Vietnam. The photo is shown below. My question is why Robin ...
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Could Will read books at superhuman rate?

In movie Good Will Hunting, it is shown that he is super intelligent human who can prove complex algorithms and solve problems very fast than any of the MIT professors. But in one scene, just before ...
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What exactly does Will Hunting gain from working at MIT?

Will is a genius and goes out of his way to work as a janitor in MIT. This is apparently because he enjoys exposure to complicated maths. But what does he gain by being physically present at the MIT? ...
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What makes Sean go through the transformation at the end of Good Will Hunting?

In the movie Good Will Hunting, Sean (Robin Williams) is shown to be very depressed in the beginning because of a personal tragedy. His house is all messy, he (apparently) gets drunk every evening, he ...
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What does Sean mean with this sentence?

In the movie Good Will Hunting (1997) in the scene where Will starts crying and they hug each other, what does Sean mean by telling Will "Fuck them OK"? Who is referring to? Is he referring in general ...
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Why did Will need to speak first in the film "Good Will Hunting"?

In one of the therapy sessions, Will and Sean do not speak to each other. Professor Lambeau asks Sean why he didn't say anything and Sean replies by saying that Will is the one who needs to speak ...
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What are the maths problems shown in Good Will Hunting?

I am a big fan of the movie too, and just watched it for the third time. One thing that intrigues me about this movie is the mathematical problems that are shown. First one Second One Are these ...
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Will's problem in Good Will Hunting

I am a big fan of this movie. However I did not understand what Will's major problem was? He was a mathematical genius but did not care about academic or financial success. I do get that he was a ...
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