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Film adaptation of the David Mamet play about real estate salesmen struggling to keep their jobs. Features a stellar cast of American actors: Jack Lemmon, Ed Harris, Al Pacino, Alec Baldwin.

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5 votes
2 answers

Why did Williamson lie to Roma in Glengarry Glen Ross?

I loved Glengarry Glen Ross but there is one thing I still find strange. Why did Williamson lie to Roma about the contract before? I mean, if the contract was stolen Roma should have gone back to ...
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Why did Roma win the Cadillac?

When Roma closed the deal with Lingk, he comes at the office in the morning claiming the first prize, a Cadillac. He looks so pumped and confident about it that he removes the Cadillac poster as if ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Willamson left the office before Roma got the Lingk contract

In Glengarry Glen Ross (1992 Film adaptation) Levine follows Williamson out to his car as he's leaving the office. Levine begs for new leads and Williamson refuses him. Next scene is Moss and Aaronow ...
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Why does Blake ask the salesmen if they have "Made your decision for Christ"?

During Blake's (Alec Baldwin) motivational speech to the salesmen, he explains the acronym AIDA - Attention, Interest, Decision, Action. When it comes to 'decision', he asks "Decision. Have you made ...
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