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What programming language is Mr. Glass using? [closed]

I assume that because (2019) Glass is a movie, and in my experience film makers don't feel they need too much reality to tell a story, that this code is gibberish. But I also wonder if maybe it might ...
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How are they captured?

At the beginning of Glass, Kevin and Dunn are captured by the Clover Society/police. The doctor says something like No one needs to get hurt anymore, David. How did they know where they were, and ...
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18 votes
2 answers

What is the significance of Osaka Towers?

In the movie Glass, Osaka Towers is referred multiple times throughout the movie. For example, What is the purpose and significance of these buildings as they are referred to multiple times ...
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How does Elijah escape his cell?

In the movie Glass, Elijah seems to be able to go in and out of his cell freely, I think he explains it at some point but speaking it very fast and since English isn't my native language I couldn't ...
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Is Glass self-explanatory?

I know Glass is the third part of a trilogy. Since I am planning to watch it, I want to know if it is self-explanatory enough to skip previous films. Do I need to watch both Unbreakable and Split ...
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What is the significance of the black spot?

Mid-way through M. Night Shyamalan’s movie, Glass (2019) , there is a blurry black spot on screen for a long time. It doesn’t stay in one fixed place nor is it present throughout the whole film, so it ...
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