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Questions tagged [ghostbusters-2]

Ghostbusters II is a 1989 American action, comedy, fantasy film, directed by Ivan Reitman, and stars Bill Murray, and Dan Aykroyd. The bankrupt Busters have a come-back, as their services are once again needed.

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Was there ever a reason for the removed He-Man reference in the German dub?

During the opening, it's shown that the Ghostbusters now appear at children parties: However, as we quickly learn, the kids are all but eager to meet the former heroes that saved the city 5 years ago....
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Why were the Ghostbusters disbanded?

At the end of Ghostbusters, we see the titular team save the day by crossing the streams and destroying Gozer's form. Five years later, in Ghostbusters II, they've been disbanded, sued by the city for ...
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What does JL5 mean?

In Ghostbusters 2, on the side of Ecto-1, the number displayed is “JL5-2020”. What is JL5? Was/is that a NYC phone system design, or something used in the 80s during the era of landlines?
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Why did the Ghostbusters go with Louis Tully as their lawyer?

They were facing multiple criminal charges, and looking at multiple years in Riker's Island Penitentiary. Not only that, they were looking at a hard-ass prosecutor, judge, and the mayor's "dickless" ...
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Were all the ghosts in the Ghost Busters movie 'evil'?

As per the title, is there any evidence that some of the ghosts in the Ghostbusters movies were benign? For clarification, 'evil' in the respect that all seemed to go out of their way to terrorise ...
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Why is the ghost on the uniform patch making a peace sign?

In Ghostbusters 2, why is the patch on the uniform giving a peace sign? Obviously in the context of the real world the new logo makes sense. However, in the reality of the movie, why would they make ...
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Where did the river of pink slime come from?

[Source] In the sequel the Ghostbusters discover a river of pink slime underneath Manhattan. The slime reacts to emotions, positive or negative, and can therefore be used for good or bad. Initially ...
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