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Ghost in the Shell is a 2017 live action remake of the original 1995 film and manga of the same name.

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What do the triangles in the Ghost in the Shell (2017) poster symbolize?

This poster has two triangles, one is superimposed on Scarlett Johansson. The second triangle in the logo. What are the artists trying to show with these symbols?
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Is the new live-action Ghost In The Shell movie a composite?

Inspired by this question: Differences between the Ghost in the Shell anime and Live action I'm wondering if the new movie was meant to be a mash-up of everything in the GitS universe? Details below. ...
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What's going on with 2 Majors mirroring each other?

In a scene where Major goes home (I think) to have a moment to herself, there is also a double (or a "holographic" copy) copying her movements but not like in a mirror, but rather both moving each one'...
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Speaking different languages in Ghost in the Shell [duplicate]

Just watched Ghost in the Shell, a movie inspired by its Anime counterpart, and occurring in Hong Kong. Being a movie on a non-english country, usually one of two things happen: Movie is (almost) ...
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Why did Aramaki only speak in Japanese?

Throughout the live action version of Ghost in the Shell, Chief Aramaki spoke only in Japanese the whole time, whereas nearly every other character spoke in English. Is there an in-universe or ...
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Do I need to watch the anime or read the manga before seeing the 2017 movie?

I will probably watch the Ghost in the shell movie next week. Do I need to watch the anime or read the manga before seeing the movie? Will it give me a better understanding of the movie it's story, ...
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