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Released in 2017, 'Get Out' is an American comedy horror film. The film was written, produced, and marks the directorial debut of Jordan Peele of the comedy duo Key & Peele, and follows a young black man as he visits the home of his white girlfriend's parents.

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Is evil Missy ("Big Mouth") a reference to "Us" (2019)?

In Season 2, Episode 2 of Big Mouth ("What Is It About Boobs?"), an evil version of Missy comes out of the mirror: Is this a reference to the movie Us (2019)? Later in this Big Mouth season there is ...
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Who is the person watching the auction in "Get Out"?

During the silent auction in "Get Out", there is a figure sitting at one of the round tables in the background. They don't seem to be involved in the bidding but do appear to be watching the auction ...
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When did Chris stuff his ear with cotton?

I find it significant that they did not show Chris stuffing his ears with cotton (to stop from being hypnotized) during the end of Get Out because, given his situation, it was impossible. Can someone ...
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Would Get Out's earplugs really have worked?

[SPOILERS AHEAD] So there's that moment in Get Out where the main character Chris is strapped to a chair and they keep playing a clip of a spoon clinking on a teacup on the TV to knock him out/send ...
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Themes of Get Out

I saw the movie Get Out (2017) and learned that the film has the theme of the oppression of black people. When I watched the movie I only saw the movie for what it is at the outset, a thriller. ...
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What is Rose's purpose in Get Out?

We get it, she's a psychopath, does not feel empathy, yet maybe has fun acting and dating (black) people. But then if she doesn't feel empathy, why does she care about her family and actually brings ...
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How did Rose Armitage get away with it?

In Get Out, we find that How have none of the missing persons been ever associated with Rose? Surely, friends of the targets would know about Rose, and the police would inquire about the missing ...
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Why was Walter sprinting late at night in Get Out

When Chris goes out for a cigarette after arriving at the Armitage's house in Get Out, the groundskeeper Walter intensely sprints toward Chris before darting in another direction and running off into ...
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What does ‘Behold the Coagula’ mean in Get Out?

In the initial video shown to Chris when he’s in the basement, Rose’s grandfather says “Behold the Coagula”, and then it is shown on screen in blue font with a small circular insignia in the bottom ...
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Why are Walter and Georgina servants of the Armitage family? [duplicate]

Towards the ending of Get Out (2017), it is revealed that Grandpa Armitage and his wife had their conciousnesses transferred to Walter and Gerrgina respectively. If so, why are Walter and Georgina ...
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Was the deer intentionally thrown at the car?

In Get Out, there is a scene in the beginning of the film showing Rose and Chris hitting a deer on the way to her parent's house. It actually appears like the deer is thrown at their car. After ...
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How did Rod find Chris?

In the ending of Get Out, after Rod shows up in a police car to save the day, Chris asks Rod the following: Rod: I told you not to go in that house. Chris: I mean... How did you find me? ...
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Why did the cops laugh at Rod Williams' complaint?

In Get Out (2017), the cops make fun of Rod Williams' "Missing Persons" complaint regarding Chris; they never took him seriously. Why is this?
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Why is Georgina cleaning in "Get Out"?

I just saw Get Out, and there's one thing I don't understand. Georgina turns out to be controlled by Rose's grandmother; its grandmothers brain in her body. Why then, is Georgina constantly cleaning ...
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How did "Bingo" work in Get Out?

Clearly they weren't actually playing Bingo, and instead were bidding for Chris. I could tell holding up a Bingo card indicated they were bidding, and the whole notion of using Bingo was a jab at ...
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What is the Get Out procedure called?

In the 2017 film Get Out, the Armitage family There is a name for this procedure in the film that I think has two words and begins with "C". What is it?
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Why does Rose smile at the end of Get Out?

In the last 5 minutes of Get Out, Why does she start smiling?
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Why did Rose keep her old photographs out in the open in Get Out?

I saw Get Out for the second time and have one big lingering question - when Chris sees the opened door in the bedroom to the small "attic" space and decided to see what's inside, why would such ...
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