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Gattaca is a 1997 science fiction film starring Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman, and Jude Law about a future society obsessed with human genetics. Protoembryos are screened to select only the best of the parents' traits. Each individual's genetics determine their profession and opportunities; those born without screening are expected to be troublesome and relegated to menial careers. The story deals with the power of the human spirit to exceed expectations.

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Why did Vincent risk his chance of going to space by giving his true urine sample to Dr. Lamar in the last scene?

In Gattaca (1997), in the last scene, Vincent came to the test room and met Dr. Lamar for his final test before boarding the spaceship. I understand that Dr. Lamar had known Vincent's true identity ...
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Irene is genetically engineered, so why does she have a heart problem?

In Gattaca (1997), Irene appeared to be a Valid, but why does she have a heart problem? I understand that a heart problem would not matter to her occupation in Gattaca. In Gattaca, she accepts not ...
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Why does Dr. Lamar go along with Vincent's deception

At the end of Gattaca, the dialog is pretty clear that Dr. Lamar, who does all the urine-based genetic verification, has a son who admires Vincent's persona as Jerome and that clearly is the reason he ...
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How does Vincent save his brother if he never saved anything for the swim back?

In Gattaca, Vincent and his brother Anton play a game of chicken, which Anton always wins. Vincent finally beats his brother in chicken and has to save his brother from drowning. Later Vincent ...
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What is Jerome saying with the tuft of hair?

At the end of Gattaca, before Vincent heads to his flight, Jerome shows him a whole lot of samples and says that he's going on a "journey" himself. He gives Vincent an envelope not to open before he's ...
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Why is there a switch inside the incinerator?

In Gattaca, at the end of the movie when Jerome commits suicide, why is there a switch inside the incinerator for him to turn on? In the beginning, when Vincent is finished getting rid of his genetic ...
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In the end of Gattaca, Dr. Lamar calls Vincent by his true name. How did he know Vincent's name?

It doesn't show Vincent's name on the ID card after Lamar tested the urine sample of Vincent/Jermone:
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Why did Irene stealthily take Jerome's hair to the test centre when she knew he was a Valid?

In Gattaca (1997), why did Irene stealthily take Jerome's hair to the test centre when she knew he was a Valid (at that moment)? Why did Irene look so disappointed when she saw the test result? What ...
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