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HBO TV series based on George R R Martin's "A Song of Ice and Fire" books.

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What happened to Craster's son in S8E4?

At the end of Game of Thrones S8E4, before we see all of the of the White Walkers gathered. Where was the baby White Walker that the Night King created earlier in the show? Do they grow up super ...
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Why did Jon go to Dragonstone?

Daenarys travels to Dragonstone in Game of Thrones S08E04 and gets ambushed by Euron's fleet, losing both Missandei and Rhaegal in the attack. At the start of S08E05, we see Jon arrive in ...
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How do different directors work together on a single episode?

I know why there are several reasons for hiring different directors for different episodes. (Eg: some directors are better at action scenes and other at drama) But I wanna know how do they do it? ...
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Did Littlefinger know about Ramsay Bolton?

In Season 5, Littlefinger makes Sansa Stark marry Ramsay Bolton. Although Petyr Baelish is very manipulative and can be somewhat evil himself, I always believed he genuinely cared for Sansa. This then ...
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Were the scenes revolving The Night King heavily inspired by The Lich King in Warcraft?

During Game of Thrones season 8, I couldn't help but notice the similarities between the concept of The Night King and The Lich King from Warcraft. A Frozen undead king that lives in a Northern arctic ...
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Did Bran see Arya when he breaks eye contact with the Night King?

In my mind, that final moment in Game of Thrones S08E03 between Bran and the Night King was an indication of what was to come. It took me a while to understand why the Night King tilts his head after ...
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