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Why have there been no birth defects to all children born of close relative marriages?

It is well known that children born of close relative marriages are very likely to have birth defects. But all children in the Game of Thrones universe do not suffer any birth defects, given they are ...
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Ring the bells. But how?

Just before Daenerys goes completely Apocalypse Now on King's Landing in Game of Thrones S08E06, there is a moment of eerie quiet. After this brief moment of realizing the abysmal situation they're in,...
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Do Game of Thrones' crossbows and scorpions work in a realistic way?

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 4 spoilers ahead. Those of you who have seen Episode 4 already must be very impressed by the capabilities of medieval projectile weapons like crossbow and scorpion. ...
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Can a Knight grant Knighthood to another?

In Game of Thrones S08E02, Jaime Lannister said, “You don’t need a king. Any knight can make another knight". But is it right in the context of Game of Thrones? Is it legal to make anyone else ...
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What is the inspiration for Trial by Combat?

We have seen that Tyrion has asked for trial by combat two times. How realistic is it? Was it a common practice during medieval times? Is it inspired from any medieval time custom? It does not look ...
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How realistic is the brainwashing shown during Season 3 and 4?

In Season 3 of Game of Thrones, karma really has it in for one of the main characters, who after betraying his friend ends up in a very unfortunate position: After being betrayed by his own troops at ...
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