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Questions tagged [friday-the-13th-1980]

1980 slasher film and the first installment in the original _Friday the 13th_ film series. Directed by Sean S. Cunningham and starring Kevin Bacon, Betsy Palmer and Adrienne King.

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3 votes
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Did Jason drown?

In the original Friday the 13th it is assumed that Jason Voorhees drowned when he was at a camp as a young boy. It is thought that the camp counsellors were distracted and didn’t notice that Jason was ...
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3 votes
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Why didn't Jason kill his last victim?

In Friday The 13th, Jason pulled his last victim into the lake. But why did Jason spare his last victim's life?
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6 votes
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Why does Alice get the lake in with the kayak?

At the end of Friday the 13th, after she killed Pamela, Alice takes a canoe and enters the lake. Why does she do it? Why she doesn't take the car with Pamela reached the camp and drive to the near ...
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