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How come Bill accepted the credit card from Cobb?

In Following, Cobb gives a Lloyds bank credit card to Bill in a coffee shop. Why did Bill accept it?
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How come Bill decided to use hammer for "protection"?

The whole plot of Following depends on Bill deciding to take a hammer as his weapon. How did Cobb make sure he will do that? Why on earth would Bill take that hammer to Blonde's house afterwards and ...
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Why is the movie Following (1998) shot in black & white?

Why is the movie Following (1998) shot in black & white? What theme does it resemble in this movie?
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Did Cobb plan the first burglary?

In the movie Following, Cobb takes Bill to a house where the woman walks in on them. I was wondering if that was Cobb's plan or it was just out of luck. I thought it was planned but the fact that Bill ...
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How did the earing get in Bill's shoebox?

At the end of Following the police says that they found one of the earrings in Bill's shoebox. But he never put it there. If Cobb put it there, why didn't he simply give it to him to take it home in ...
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Why does the Blonde forget about her earring?

In Following (1998), how come The Blonde gives up so easily when Cobb doesn't tell her where he put her earring? There is no excuse for Cobb to not tell her and teasing is not acceptable for a long ...
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