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Foley is a term that refers to creating sound effects, generally for movies, TV or video games.

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Why are sound effects done so different from reality?

While filming captures both the audio and video of an actor's performance, producers will often dub over sound effects for the interaction between the actors and objects. The horse walking down a road ...
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First movie where the Bald Eagle's cry is dubbed as Red-Tailed Hawk cry?

As noted pretty much everywhere, the Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus Ieucocephalus) we hear in movies is, like most things, a result of movie magic. In real life, they should like they are chirping with ...
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How much of a film's sound effects do foley artists typically work on?

How much of a movie's sound effects is a foley artist responsible for? Are all non-dialogue sounds rendered by them? How is this decided?
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Where did the Tribble noises come from?

Star Trek's Tribbles are known for two distinctive sounds they make: a soothing coo/purr noise when they're petted, and a harsh, grinding shriek to express their dislike of Klingons. Have the cast or ...
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