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What does "What we in Georgia call: All day long" mean?

In the movie Flight (2012) there is a scene in which the owner of the airline is talking about Denzel Washington's character (the pilot). A lawyer states that the pilot could spend the rest of his ...
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Were the upside-down airplane passengers played by extras or by stunt people?

Typically in movies, most of the passengers on an airplane are played by extras. A few will be cast or costumed to be a "type", and some may have lines and get paid more, but most are just poorly-paid ...
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In "Flight" could the early trouble with turbulence have led to the crash?

The pivotal airplane voyage in the movie Flight includes an early interlude in which the airplane encounters some extreme turbulence. To get out of the turbulence, the senior pilot (played by Denzel ...
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Is the film "Flight" based on a true story?

The film seems like it could easily have been based on a true story especially how detailed a lot of the story is. Are any of the parts based on real-life happenings or is it all fiction? I reckon ...
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What year was "Flight" supposed to have taken place?

At least one part of the movie "Flight" suggests its story takes place before September 11, 2001: About 30 minutes into a flight, the pilot played by Denzel Washington exits the cockpit, goes part ...
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