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General questions about the film industry and its workings.

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Is Hamilton the biggest film acquisition in history?

Coming from an article at Deadline with the headline, Disney Paid $75 Million For Worldwide Movie Rights To Lin-Manuel Miranda’s ‘Hamilton’; Biggest Film Acquisition Deal Ever? and then goes onto to ...
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Why are many movies still filmed using the "scope" aspect ratio (2.39:1) despite film no longer being widely-used?

Question: Today, in the cinema industry, pretty much all theaters use digital projectors for exhibition. D-Cinema standard calls for the 2K chips (most widely-used) to have 2048x1080 resolution; ...
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Which people get paid in Million Dollar Listing?

The reality TV series Million Dollar Listing shows a lot of people: the main real estate agents agents that they negotiate with agents who come to their open houses real estate developers clients and ...
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Why do so many movie advertisements mention "Only in Theaters"?

I've noticed that advertisements for films and film-related merchandise in the USA that relate to films that are in theaters will almost always include the phrase "Only in Theaters" somewhere, often ...
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How are awards given in the editing category?

How are awards are given in the editing category? In 2013, Argo (2012) won an Oscar for editing. I saw the movie, but I didn't notice any noticeable editing effects like rapid cut sticking out, like ...
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Has there ever been a leak of a movie or TV show's entire project data?

There have been and will be leaks of movies and TV shows, but I'm interested in whether there has ever been a leak of an entire project. By this, I mean the leaking of a folder with terabytes of data, ...
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What role does the Screen Actors Guild play in controlling credits?

In this article about Airplane!, the author states: The Zucker brothers and Jim Abrahams had a tough time with the Screen Actors Guild in trying to get their proper three director billing when the ...
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Why have there been no reviews of The Greatest Showman?

The Greatest Showman will be in theaters in two days, but I cannot find any reviews of it online. Reviews usually come out days or weeks before a movie's release. They are often used by marketers to ...
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How to find out if (especially foreign) movies are uncut

The reason I ask is that it was especially notable for foreign films that scenes are cut mercilessly so that they fit in the "common" 90 min format. For example: "Tom-Yum-Goong". Even in cinema it ...
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