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Prequel to AMC's long running series, The Walking Dead.

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How accurate is the Fear the Walking Dead's depiction of a nuclear meltdown?

In this latest season of Fear the Walking Dead there's a nuclear power plant with two reactors, one of which has melted down and the other of which is about to. My question is... how accurate is ...
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What is the meaning of the coin in Fear the Walking Dead S02E06

In the sixth episode of the second season of Fear The Walking Dead "Sicut Cervus" He says to Ofelia: "I'm begging you, give it to my mother... please." Ofelia asks Daniel what it is, Daniel says "It ...
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Do I need to watch Walking Dead before watching Fear the Walking Dead?

I'm planning on watching Fear the Walking Dead but I read that it's a spin off/prequel of the Walking Dead. Is it quite dependent on The Walking Dead or can it be watched on its own ?
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Was this character's death necessary?

In the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead Canonically animals are immune to the virus. While medicine and medical supplies might be required to treat injuries we know that those supplies have ...
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In Fear the Walking Dead, season 4, is there an inconsistency as to Madison's reunion with the group?

In season 4, at some point (I think in the "Just in Case" episode) Victor Strand recalls how he was saved by Madison (first from drowning, and then being nursed back to health). But then in ...
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Where's the body?

Spoilers ahead So in the first episode of Fear The Walking Dead we see the first zombie (the girl) eating the face of a body. After all the things we see happen to the kid, his dad goes to the same ...
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Why did Grace take Morgan's staff after he killed the radioactive walker?

In Season 5 Episode 2 of Fear the Walking Dead, Morgan and Alicia meet up with Grace who tells them there was a meltdown at a nuclear plant nearby and so some of the walkers are radioactive. Morgan ...
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