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What was the first wish Dom asked Tess for?

At a pub, Tess informs Dom about a screen grab she found on a traffic cam and stored in God's Eye. She mentions a hit in Rio and asks if he has enemies there. Dom simply responds with "Reyes.&...
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What does "boomerang" really mean?

Jakob and Little B were listening to music while driving: Jakob: This guy was an underwear model. Little B: What? Jakob: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Here we go and... Little B, bring it back. It's a boomerang. ...
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12 votes
3 answers

What does "Belgian" really mean, in the Fast and Furious series?

Tess walks into the pub and asks people if they've seen someone. A customer warns her not to look, so they end up fighting. Tess grabs two beers from the bartender and joins Dominic, who's already ...
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What was Dante saying before he was interrupted by a nearby thug?

At Cipher’s base of operations, Dante enters by dragging two of her thugs and stands before her while all the thugs point their guns at him. Dante wants Cipher to help him make Dominic suffer: Dante: ...
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How did Reyes infer that Dominic Toretto has people associated with him?

In Fast X (2023), Reyes stands before a stack of money and addresses his son Dante. He wants to ensure his legacy lives on and emphasizes the bond between father and son. He confides that he has a job ...
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