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2009 American stop-motion animated comedy film based on the Roald Dahl children's novel of the same name. The film features the voices of George Clooney and Meryl Streep and is directed by Wes Anderson.

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At the end of Fantastic Mr. Fox, why wasn’t the wife mad at Mr. Fox in the supermarket? Isn’t he again stealing?

In the final scene of Fantastic Mr. Fox, Fox, Friends, and family sneak into a supermarket to steal food. This to me contradicts the main theme of the movie: Mr. Fox had to grow up and stop risking ...
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Is this painting based on a real painting?

In Fantastic Mr. Fox, Fox stands in front of a painting with a bunch of badgers standing around (pictured behind him in this still). Is it a parody with badgers of a real painting? Or is it simply ...
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What is the significance of the word "cuss" in Fantastic Mr. Fox?

This word is used so much in the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. What is the significance of word "cuss"?
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Which are the "several forms of animation" used by Wes Anderson in Fantastic Mr. Fox?

From the Wikipedia article for Fantastic Mr. Fox, The film mixes several forms of animation but consists primarily of stop motion. Besides stop motion, Which other forms of animation did the film ...
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What was Rat looking for in Fantastic Mr. Fox? Cider?

After Mr. Fox's fight with Rat, we have the following scene: Mr. Fox: All these wasted years, what were you looking for, Rat? Rat: Sssss … Ash: He's trying to say something, Dad. Rat: Cider. Mr. Fox (...
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What is the significance of the appearance of the wolf?

Near the end of Fantastic Mr. Fox, and just after the film's climax, Mr. Fox, Ash, Kristofferson and Kylie encounter a wolf. Like the scene, the wolf seemingly came randomly and out of nowhere (with ...
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