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1999 drama directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

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What does “No dream is ever just a dream” mean in Eyes Wide Shut?

At the end of Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise delivers this dialogue to Nicole Kidman. Is this actually a hint that most of his nightly experiences were a dream, or is he referring to his wife’s dream?
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Who placed the mask on the bed in Eyes Wide Shut?

Near the end of the S. Kubrick's film, Eyes Wide Shut, Bill finds the mask he held during the party on his own bed, next to his sleeping wife. Who placed it there, and why?
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How could the lady who redeemed Bill know what was up?

In Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut, the protagonist Bill arrives at a secret party/orgy: Now there are several ways to interpret this movie - everything is a dream (or several dreams) and if not one could ...
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