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1982 Stephen Spielberg film in which a young boy helps an extra-terrestrial marooned on Earth to phone home.

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Was the production team of E.T. (1982) movie aware that they have been using a look-alike toy of infamous Annabelle doll?

It caught my attention while watching E.T. in Amazon Prime that the doll they have used as a toy in the kids' bedroom is surprisingly very similar to the haunted "Annabelle doll", 1970. That ...
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At what point in E.T. do E.T and Elliot begin to 'bond'?

I'm rewatching E.T. and noticed something like interesting: Just before the 25 minute mark E.T. purrs and Elliot feels sleepy The next day Elliot is and home and when E.T. begins to eat the car ...
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Is this scene with Djarin and the Child an allusion to a scene in E.T.?

As many might know, it's not uncommon to see references between George Lucas and Steven Spielberg works in each other's films, whether it be Star Wars' R2-D2 & C-3PO hieroglyphs in Indiana Jones: ...
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If E.T was left on Earth by his spaceship, and he couldn't fly up to it, how come he could fly in that bike?

In the movie ET(1982), at the near beginning of the film ET is left behind by his spaceship. He simply couldn't fly up to get back to it and he stayed on Earth as seen below: We see in a later scene ...
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What actually happened with E.T. under the plastic sheet?

I'm confused over what happened when E.T. appeared to die, and it was revealed that... he didn't? It appears as if he's dead, and the flowers droop and appear to die as well. And then he suddenly ...
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How does Elliott start feeling/behaving like E.T.?

In E.T. when Elliott is at school and E.T. is alone at home with the dog, strange things start happening. When E.T. drinks beer, Elliott starts feeling dizzy. When E.T. watches a romantic scene on TV, ...
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What is the point of selling in 2.35 format a movie recorded in 1.85 format?

I can see that the "E.T." movie is sold in 1.85 and 2.35 formats: Example of 2.35 format - Another example - And a last one Example of 1.85 format But seems to have been recorded in 1.85 ...
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Was E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial shot in 1.85 or 2.35?

I can see that the "E.T." movie is sold in 1.85 and 2.35 formats:
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Why does E.T. move towards the Yoda-like kid while calling "Home Home"?

In the 1982 classic E.T., when Elliot and Mike take E.T. out on Halloween, E.T. sees people dressed up in bizarre costumes, but when a kid dressed up like Yoda walks aside, E.T is seen rushing towards ...
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Were Poltergist and E.T. filmed in the same neighborhood?

Were the two 1982 Spielberg movies E.T. and Poltergeist filmed in the same neighborhood? They were both filmed in tract housing developments during the same year. Were they filmed in the same place in ...
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