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2013 Psychological Thriller directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Jake Gyllenhaal. A man seeks out his exact look-alike after spotting him in a movie.

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Did Helen not bother finding out what Anthony does for a living?

In the movie Enemy, Helen doesn't seem to know what Anthony does for a living. One day she gets information about a person Adam (who claims to look like Anthony). She goes to see him. She finds out ...
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Trying to understand this conversation between Adam Bell and the pregnant wife

I saw the movie Enemy (2013) a while back and trying to decipher the plot which is quite complex even after seeing it twice. I know for a fact that only the History teacher character was the real one ...
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What is the significance of spiders in 2013 movie Enemy? [duplicate]

How should one interpret the recurring appearance of giant spiders in the 2013 film Enemy, starring Jake Gyllenhaal? What is the meaning of the last scene?
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What does the ending of the 2013 film Enemy signify? [duplicate]

At the end of the movie Enemy, Helen transforms into a gigantic terrified spider. Also, there has been spider imagery throughout the film, beginning with the opening scene in the sex club, followed ...
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Is there a coincidence between actor Jake not visiting the agency in 6 months and his wife being 6 months pregnant?

In Enemy, when teacher Jake goes to agency the security guy says he (thinking he is the actor Jake) hasn't set foot in agency in 6 months. Then, wife of the Actor Jake meets teacher Jake. When ...
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Did Helen know the truth at the end of Enemy?

I got the impression that Helen knew that it was really Adam at the end and not Anthony based on her asking him how school was and later telling him she wanted him to stay when he was apologizing. ...
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Consistent explanation of Enemy

I'm looking for an interpretation or explanation of the events in Enemy (2013) that takes into account all of the following: The poster which indicates that at least some parts of the film take ...
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Is there significance behind the spider visions in Enemy?

There are a lot of weird visions about spiders in Enemy (2013) and I was wondering if that signified something about the character?
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