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Elle (2016) is a French / German thriller drama film directed by Paul Verhoeven. It's based on Philippe Djian's novel Oh... from 2012. The film stars Isabelle Huppert as Michèle Leblanc and Laurent Lafitte as Patrick. Michèle is raped in her own house by a masked man, but does not report the crime to the police. She tries to find out who the rapist is herself. Huppert received an Academy Award nomination for her role.

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Why did Patrick rape Michèle?

This was never fully explained in the movie. Why did Patrick rape Michèle? Was this action of Patrick in any way connected to the crimes of Michèle's father? Did he similarly rape anyone else (...
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Why did Michèle damage Richard's car?

Fairly early in the movie (around 18:00), Michèle (main character) drives her car to the restaurant where she's meeting others for dinner. She deliberately and repeatedly rams the back of her car into ...
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Character foreknowledge in the climax of Paul Verhoeven's Elle

(NOTE: this question reveals both the plot-details of the film's ending and the film's major twist.) In the climax of Paul Verhoeven's Elle (2016), all the characters are at a party. Elle leaves the ...
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What are the controversies around the movie Elle?

I watched Elle (2016) last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Before watching the movie I read in many places that it's a highly controversial movie. But after watching the movie, I could not really ...
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