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2012 American crime TV show as a modern version of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.

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Does the Rube Goldberg machine used in the Elementary intro credits fully exist (and work)?

The intro sequence for the CBS show Elementary has a Rube Goldberg machine that actually captures the general flow of an episode quite well: I was wondering if there ...
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How does the cartridge insert itself into the cylinder then spin and lock it into the firing position?

tl;dr - How does the bullet get into the gun? How does it fire backwards? The opening sequence to Elementary is a brilliant metaphor using a Rube Goldberg type apparatus to illustrate the methodical (...
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What are the major differences among the characters in the two major modernised versions of the Sherlock Holmes stories? [closed]

Both CBS in the USA and the BBC have released television series based on the Sherlock Holmes stories but set in the modern day. Both were developed at roughly the same time in the early 2010s. They ...
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Why does Mycroft call the US a colony even after it achieved independence?

In Season 2 Episode 1, after Mycroft explodes Sherlock's belongings, he says something to Sherlock: "Have a safe trip back to the colonies". Sherlock was to return to New York. But the tv series is ...
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How did Sherlock describe his father: a ____ par excellence

On an episode of the show Elementary, Sherlock describes his father as "[something] par excellence". I can't remember what the [something] is. I used to just google Morland Holmes and the first thing ...
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Why does Elementary often use shots which suggest that the protagonists are surveilled?

Observation Elementary seems to be overly fond of using shots that would normally suggest that the protagonists are surveilled, i.e., they have all or most of the following properties: They are ...
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What is Sherlock saying in Russian in Elementary episode s04e23?

In Elementary S04E23 the following happens: Sherlock wonders if Moriarty tried to kill his dad to get back at him. Marcus calls and says they nabbed Krasnov. He tries to tell them he speaks no ...
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Why does Sherlock hate his father so much in Elementary?

I understand that Sherlock does not like his father (Morland Holmes) very much because he was a distant father as a child. But this does not seem to be a strong enough factor for Sherlock's venomous ...
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Does Sherlock Holmes (Elementary) use a Microsoft Surface™?

On the American broadcast of the Elementary episode "You Do It to Yourself", there was a product placement scene where Sherlock Holmes prepares his Microsoft Surface™ tablet computer. https://www....
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Serial Killer following basis for television shows

There are a few shows out where the antagonist is a serial killer type that has a network of followers: The Mentalist and The Following most prominently, and Elementary partially. Is there a ...
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Why did "The Narwhal" smuggle lemurs?

In the final episode of season 1 (EP24 "Heroine") of the tv series Elementary, Holmes finds a coded message on a murdered thug that read; BN23MACEDONIANSUN Following the message they find a Greek ...
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