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Tim Burton's directed American romantic dark fantasy from 1990. Character of Edward Scissorhands based on drawing by then-teenaged director Tim Burton. The film first collaboration of actor Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.

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What was the significance of dinosaur hedge-sculpture made by Edward?

Edward Scissorhands's hedge-sculptures always seem meaningful to me, like he had hedge-sculptures in the mansion to signify that he is incomplete and made family sculptures to represent his new foster ...
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Connection between Sweeney Todd and Edward Scissorhands

I have not yet seen Sweeney Todd, however, I did watch Edward Scissorhands and the poster similarity seemed striking. From what I have read about Sweeney Todd, I concluded that both movies involve ...
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Was this X-Files episode influenced by Edward Scissorhands

As I watched Edward Scissorhands this last week I caught this image early on. Notice the house with the fumigation tent. At first I wondered what it was doing there, I mean there must be a reason to ...
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Why was Edward given scissors instead of hands?

In Edward Scissorhands, why did the inventor first give Edward scissors instead of functioning hands and fingers? Right before his death, he is showing Edward a set of prosthetic hands. Why not use ...
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