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Why did Baron Harkonnen ask this question?

In Dune the Baron kills Dr. Yeuh, who betrayed Duke Leto's family: Baron Harkonnen: I said I'd set her free. That you could join her. So, join her. He then turns his attention to motionless Duke ...
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"Dreams are messages from the deep."

In the film Dune (2021), why was this line, "Dreams are messages from the deep." spoken in an alien voice/language? This entire film felt like a dream. What does it mean?
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Why didn't Paul cry?

Denis Villeneuve's adaptation of Dune is unquestionably fantastic, and shows deep respect to the source material. With the necessary changes to transform even half of that beast of a tome into a movie,...
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What is “Dune” as referred to by the Baron

Why does Baron use the word “Dune” in Dune (2021) movie when referring to controlling Arrakis. My desert. My Arrakis. My Dune. I’m assuming Dune is more than a reference to sand dunes.
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Why are the Fremen staggered that Paul gives his water to the dead?

I’ve read the book as well and I don’t remember it answered there. Clearly, the Fremen would greatly appreciate one of them to cry tears if someone died because they are used to economize water but ...
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Who are those dead people from whom blood is collected and painted onto kneeling Sardaukar?

In the movie, Dune, we see a large group of Sardaukar soldiers anticipate a battle ritual, where priests collect blood from crucified dead people and paint blood onto Sardaukar foreheads. Who are ...
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Why don't soldiers use guns in Dune 2021?

In the movie Dune, we can see: Paul trains himself fighting with a dagger House of Atredies soldiers fighting with swords during a bombardment from outer-space House of Atredies guards fighting with ...
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Isn't Arrakis supposed to be hot?

In the movie Dune, there is a lot of emphasis on how dry and sandy Arrakis is. However, isn't Arrakis supposed to be very hot? I mean, this is the main reason the Freman supposedly prefer to move ...
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Does the Dune movie from 2021 assume any prior knowledge?

Is it a problem to have little to no knowledge about the Dune universe before watching the new movie? Is it helpful to have read the books or watched any prior adaption to fully understand the plot?
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