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2011's American crime drama film adaption from the 2005 James Sallis novel of the same name.

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2 votes
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Why didn't the driver shake Bernie's hand?

When the driver and Bernie meet at the track after a test run of the driver's skill, Bernie says 'nice to meet you' and extends his hand for a handshake. Yet the driver refuses at first citing a (bs) ...
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Was the driver intentionally screwing over the two goons at the start?

So in the first scene, the guy went for the good old 'get lost in the crowd' kind of trick by driving into the stadium full of people, leaving the car behind, altering his appearance quickly, and then ...
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Where is the "I don't carry a gun. I drive," clip from Drive (2011)?

During the trailer the Driver says, "I don't carry a gun. I just drive," but it's missing from the film. Maybe I'm missing it.
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7 votes
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Does the Film Drive Have a Cameo from the star of Maniac Cop

The Film Drive has the Below image: Is this an uncredited Cameo from Laurene Landon, the star of the Maniac cop films? It looks like her, and Refn has gone on record as saying he is a fan of those ...
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3 votes
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What exactly was Cook's plan and from whom did he get the money?

In the movie Drive, how did Cook plan to double cross the driver? And why didn't the pawn shop owner admit anything was stolen? And how did driver come to know from the news clip that he was setup?
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9 votes
2 answers

What does the scorpion represent in Drive?

A scorpion is visible on the drivers jacket throughout the whole film. He even asks Albert Brooks' character "Did you ever hear the story of the scorpion and the frog?". What does the scorpion ...
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Was 'The Driver' leaving the town at the end of Drive (2011)?

I saw Drive (2011) a little while ago. It was the second time I watched this movie. I am a little bit confused about the ending. Did the driver leave the town or went to meet Irene at the end?
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What's written on Cook's hand in the film Drive?

What's written on Cook's hand in the film Drive? When The Driver is planning the pawn shop robbery with Standard, Cook and Blanche, Cook sends Standard and Blanche away and says to the Driver that ...
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Why does the Driver not have a name?

Something just occurred to me, for the life of me, I cannot remember the Driver's name. I am sure this guy does not have a name for the whole movie. Someone had to call out to him. I have heard him ...
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