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Dragon Ball Z is a Japanese anime, the sequel to Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball Z first aired from 1989 to 1996.

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Why do characters in the Dragonball universe continually act surprised at super human feats?

This is a world where aliens visit Earth and cause mass destruction, fly and shoot energy blasts, and where the twenty-something protagonist fought as a child in world-wide martial arts competition ...
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How many more years can Goku live?

During Evil buu saga of Dragon Ball Z old supreme kai have transferred his life force to Goku. He said I only have another millennium or so to live anyhow. Will Goku be able to live the same?
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How were Goten and Trunks able to achieve Super Saiyan so easily?

As shown in the classic Dragon Ball Z, Goku, Vegeta and Gohan had to undergo intense training and practice before they were able to become Super Saiyan. However, this does not seem to apply to Goten ...
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Why can't Kami revive people himself?

The eternal dragons are limited to the power of their makers, so wouldn't that mean that everything Shenron can do, Kami can do as well? When Krillin tries to ask Shenron to defeat the Saiyans, the ...
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Why does Son Goku at Dragon Ball not ask the Dragon to be immortal?

Frieza, Vegeta, etc from Dragon Ball Z want to be immortal and are collecting the Dragon Balls. Why does Son Goku, who had so many chances, did not ask the Dragon to be immortal, so he may be ...
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What's the minimum power level to destroy a planet?

In Buu saga, Dragon Ball Z makes a huge deal of Kid Buu destroying the Earth, but Piccolo destroys the moon in the Vegeta Saga when his power level is sub 2000. Freeza destroying Namek is a whole ...
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Can evil Buu return to Dragon Ball Super?

In DBZ Buu saga, we were introduced to 2 Buus, Evil and Good Buu. But it was also showed that Good(fat) Buu is good because he had absorbed Grand Supreme Kai and his innocence is what made Buu good. ...
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11 answers

Why is Master Roshi in the tournament of power?

In *Dragon Ball Super, there are ten Z fighters representing Universe 7. Why is Master Roshi included? Isn't any other younger fighter (Yamcha, Goten, or Trunks) more suited than him? Yes I know he ...
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2 answers

Bald Saiyan goes Super Saiyan?

In Dragon Ball Z when someone goes Super Saiyan their hair turns the telltale gold colour. How would you know if a bald saiyan (such as Nappa) were to achieve this level? Besides the obvious increase ...
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What should I watch after "Dragon Ball Z"? [closed]

I'm somewhat new to the Dragon Ball universe. So far, I have watched all of the English Dragon Ball Z Kai episodes (1-98), which cover through the Cell games. Currently, I have picked up where Kai ...
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In Dragon Ball Z if Androids and Cell are stronger than Frieza, then how does the physics make sense?

In the Frieza Saga of DBZ, when the Ginyu Force attacks Goku, he's sooo fast that it looks like he's absorbing all the attacks, but actually moving so quickly that it's barely noticeable, and we're ...
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When will the "Dragon Ball Z" movie be released worldwide?

Please tell me when the "Dragon Ball Z" movie will be released worldwide? I have been waiting for a long time. I saw the trailer in 2009, but the movie is not out yet. So please help me to find out ...
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Why do Dragon Ball Z episodes always stop mid-season in India?

Dragon Ball Z has been telecasting on Cartoon Network India for many years. Previously, it stopped telecasting in the middle of Season 1. Then, it disappeared for years and then repeated the telecast ...
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