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Released in 2016, Don't Breathe is an American horror film directed by Fede Álvarez and written by Alvarez and Rodo Sayagues. This movie should not be confused for 2014 movie with the same name and this tag should only be used for 2016 movie.

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How did the main character of Don't Breathe lose his sight?

How did the main character of Don't Breathe (2016) lose his sight? I was trying to google the plot and reading it through, but still did not find an answer to my question. I was hoping that someone ...
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Why does the news reporter not say anything about the lady in “Don't Breathe”?

In the last scene of Don't Breathe, the News Reporter on TV says Police has found two bodies of thieves but she has not referred to that lady who is having child of that old Retired man? Has the ...
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Why we can see little light even after main power is off?

In Don't Breathe (2016), a blind man turned off the main power so robbers won't find a way out of the basement. But we can still see the chracters' movements in the dark, how?
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How does the climax make sense?

In the movie Don't Breathe, the very first opening scene shows the old man dragging Rocky in the street, and a thick trail of blood left behind. But at the end of the movie, Rocky was about to leave ...
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