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In Dogville 2003, what's the purpose of "Dictum ac factum" that's written on the mine?

In Dogville - 2003, in a brief scene, there's a writing on the wall of the mine that reads "dictum ac factum" which in Latin means "said and done". I suppose it's mentioning what the villagers have ...
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Why didn't the Dogville people sell Grace for reward?

In one scene in Dogville (2003) the cop announced a big reward on Grace because of the bank robbery. But no one reported to the cop, even though the Dogville people hate Grace so much. Why?
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Is Dogville inspired from Hitchcock's Rear Window?

Watching these 2 movies I found similarities between them. The visual city in Dogville reminds me of Rear Window, where the hero is watching to everything from his window. Is this a case of an ...
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