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Why didn't they just shoot Rose the Hat?

I have never read the Doctor Sleep book and only saw the movie last night, but from my understanding, the Knots (quasi-vampires) are prone to bodily harms just like normal humans. This is further ...
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In Doctor Sleep, why can ghosts overpower Rose the Hat?

I only watched the movie Dr. Sleep and don't quite understand how "shine" works. From what I saw, Danny is able to box those ghosts, and Rose can easily destroy the box even when Danny has ...
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Was this person really dead in Doctor Sleep?

We know Danny is plagued by visions and dreams and at one point in the movie Did they actually die? Or was this just a scary vision Danny had. Evidence from the book would be greatly appreciated.
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In Doctor Sleep why did Billy attack the True Knots?

In Doctor Sleep when Dan and Billy attack the True Knots with guns, why was Billy willing to shoot and kill people who he never met? He generally seemed like a nice person and didn't even given them ...
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In Doctor Sleep what makes the True Knots so dangerous?

In Doctor Sleep I don't get how the True Knots pose such a great threat. They can get killed in normal ways, such as gun fire or crashing a car. Why didn't they involve the police? The True Knots did ...
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