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How exactly were the Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Hour episodes broadcast originally in the USA?

I know for sure that they were shot on film, but that's where my facts stop. I'm wondering how they technically ended up in the television sets of the watchers in their original runs. I'm talking ...
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How necessary is a rotating shutter?

In this explanation, a rotating shutter is shown and used to show each frame of a film three times. It's not exactly explained how this is accomplished with the film in motion and in place (is each ...
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Why are many movies still filmed using the "scope" aspect ratio (2.39:1) despite film no longer being widely-used?

Question: Today, in the cinema industry, pretty much all theaters use digital projectors for exhibition. D-Cinema standard calls for the 2K chips (most widely-used) to have 2048x1080 resolution; ...
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Why were/are TV series shot in 24fps?

This question is mainly about pre-2000 TV series created for CRT TVs, but a lot of it still applies for HD-TV content. So TVs have been 60Hz/59.94Hz(NTSC) ever since their inception and an old video ...
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What OS / GUI / program is used for the computer in the movie Eraser (1996)? [closed]

When Lee Cullen (played by Vanessa Williams) sneakily goes into the "Vault" of Cyrez, a large weapons manufacturing corporation, to copy some confidential company data, as instructed by the FBI, she ...
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Has there been a breakthrough in film technology for television?

I've been binge watching Season 2 of The Crown and Godless, both on Netflix, via an fourth gen Apple TV and a very average Vizio 50" 1080p LCD television. I'm a visual artist by trade, and I can't ...
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Will movies look better on a professional monitor? [closed]

I often watch movies on an ordinary, consumer grade computer monitor. Alternatively, there are "TV" type monitors that I assume are more or less larger versions of computer monitors. However, there ...
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