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It is second movie of action movies series known as "Die hard Series" , starring Bruce Willis as Cop "John McClane". This movie is also known as "Die Hard 2 : Die harder".

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Is the plane in Die Hard 2 a prop? [closed]

In Die Hard 2, Esperanza takes control of the aircraft bringing him into the US to face justice, and then manages to land it. I cannot identify this plane. Does anyone know if this is a real plane, or ...
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How realistic is the controller to airplanes problems in Die Hard 2? [closed]

To make planes crash, terrorists talk to airplanes and then the plan crashes. However, the real controller cannot talk to the airplanes. Moreover, later, they can through "secret channel". ...
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Would it have been possible to re-fuel the planes in the air?

In Die Hard 2 (1990), because of the terrorist situation, the planes are told to stay in their holding pattern until the situation is sorted out. It gets worse because some of the planes are low on ...
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Did a TV edit of Die Hard have McClane say "Yippie Ki Yay Melon Farmer"?

In the Die Hard film series, John McClane (Bruce Willis) repeatedly utters the phrase "Yippie Ki Yay" followed by an Oedipal profanity. Needless to say, television broadcast standards in the 1980s ...
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Has any real-life US military unit committed Die-Hard-2-level treason? [closed]

In Die Hard 2, a US military unit consisting of at least a dozen soldiers engages in several treasonous acts, from murdering one of their own to freeing an international criminal to helping crash a ...
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McClane is a NYPD cop. Wife Works in LA. Why was the plane going to Dulles?

In Die Hard 2: Die Harder, NYPD Detective John McClane is picking up his now reconciled wife from her flight in from Los Angles. But he is in Dulles Airport, in Washington DC. When there is five major ...
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Why are "we fucked" "if Esperanza gets to a country with no extradition treaties"?

In "Die Hard 2" (1990), when John realizes that his newest terrorist friends are trying to rescue Gen. Esperanza, he says: If Esperanza gets to a country with no extradition treaties, we're fucked. ...
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How did Dick endanger Holly's children?

In Die Hard 2 Holly and Dick have a heated exchange in the plane and she says something like "Listen, buster. You endangered my children and you didn't do it for anything as noble as the people ..." ...
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