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Questions about the HBO Western drama TV series, created by David Milch and starring Timothy Olyphant & Ian McShane.

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What was the purpose of Bullock's maneuver regarding Otis Russell?

In Deadwood season one, episode 12, "Sold Under Sin", Seth Bullock beats Otis Russell near to death. Afterward, he asks Dan Dority to relay a message to Al Swearengen insinuating that, for ...
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What did Jack McCall mean in Deadwood season 1 episode 3?

Here is an excerpt from the Deadwood series season 1 episode 3 transcript: (Street, Jack McCall is checking out the goods at Sol & Seth's tent.) Seth: Look at that jackass. Sol: Help you with ...
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Is there such expression as "Charlie someone out"?

There is the following exchange in Deadwood series season 1 episode 3 ... Johnny: Al? Al: Yeah. Johnny: That cherry New York dude is downstairs askin’ for ya. Al: No good. Charlie him the fuck out. (...
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Deadwood Season 1 Episode 2 - What is "flag T"?

In the Season 1 Episode 2 there is the following dialoge: ... (Tom Mason bursts into the office, stark naked, holding his dick.) Tom: This snatch is branded'! (Laughing – Al still has Phil by the ...
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What does 'celestial' mean in the TV series Deadwood?

What does 'celestial' mean in the TV series Deadwood? Although they are always referring to Chinese, but I need to know why?
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How possible is it to rip someone's eye out of its socket?

So this question may seem somewhat obvious, but I was watching Deadwood and during one of the most brutal fight scenes I've seen in a while, Dan Dority rips Captain Joe Turner's eyeball out of its ...
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Deadwood: Lamp the take

Have another Deadwood quote I can't place. The urban dictionary alludes lamp to various womanly and sexual things, but I can't find the whole phrase anywhere. In Episode 16, Requiem for the gleet, ...
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Deadwood: a cheat, a broad tosser and a clip

I'm re-watching Deadwood, currently on Season 1 Episode 13, "Jewel's boot is made for walking". In this episode, Alma Garrett's father comes to town. While Alma, her father, Sophia and Seth Bullock ...
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Why all the profanity in Deadwood?

When Deadwood was on the air, it got a lot of attention for its profanity, and as I recall, it had the reputation for using the F word more times per minute than any other TV show (and perhaps movie) ...
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