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How was this scene with a zombie getting its head cut off by helicopter rotors filmed?

I saw this scene from the movie Dawn of the Dead (1978) How was this scene shot with the helicopter rotors? How did they ensure the actor's safety?
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4 votes
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Should I watch Dawn of the Dead before watching Shaun of the Dead?

Given the names and zombie-themes, I'm guessing Shaun of the Dead might have some satirical relations with Dawn of the Dead or Night of the Living Dead. Should I watch DotD or NotLD (or any other ...
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7 votes
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Why are the Romero Dead Series remakes so different?

Why are the remakes of Dawn of the Dead (1978), and Day of the Dead (1985) so drastically different from the original films? The remakes seem too different form the originals to even call them remakes ...
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