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Award winning movie director, producer, and writer, who is best known for movies Blue Velvet, Dune, and Mulholland Drive, and television show Twin Peaks.

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What does Harry Dean Stanton mean by "Old pond; Frog jumps in; Splash!"

The great Harry Dean Stanton, in this gem of an interview with the legendary David Lynch, says this at the very end: Old pond; Frog jumps in; Splash! What are they referring to?
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Understanding the Cowboy's threat in Mulholland Drive

In mulholland Drive, when the Cowboy asks Adam to cast Camilla Rhodes for the lead role in his movie, He says that Adam will see him one more time if he does good, or two more times if he does bad. ...
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Does David Lynch's eerie atmosphere (closer to german "Unheimlich"), have a definition and clear origin?

One aspect that all of lynch's films have is that eerie feeling that something is not quite right, but I find that atmosphere to be different from pure surrealism. Did Lynch start this? Or does it ...
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Does David Lynch consider his own films to be science fiction / fantasy?

I have just seen both Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive for the first time. Both films contain elements that would be traditionally classified as "science fiction" or "fantasy", but these elements are ...
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What is David Lynch's obsession with stages, red curtains, and female singers?

Just finished Mulholland Drive again, and I noticed once again there is a woman on a stage singing in front of a red curtain, as well as the casting scenes involving the actresses singing oldies. More ...
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What is the Eraserhead baby?

As anyone who has seen the movie will tell you, the Eraserhead baby is the stuff of nightmares. The baby itself is famous for being somewhat of a mystery. David lynch refuses to discus the baby, ...
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What does The Man from Another Place in Twin Peaks symbolize?

The Man from Another Place is one of the major characters in Twin Peaks. He lives in The Black Lodge and dances like Laura's father. Mike says that he lost his left hand and I read somewhere that The ...
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What is going on in Mulholland Drive?

I know that David Lynch's movies are all very deep and hard to grasp and that probably there is no simple answer to this question, as there are different ways to interpret the movie. Still I would ...
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