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Why does Joe Pesci stand up twice and get "taken out back" by Letterman? What's the actual joke here?

The description of the Letterman YouTube clip Joe Pesci Is Not Here To Amuse You | Letterman is The "Goodfellas" star talks about golfing with his buddy Jack Nicholson and does his best ...
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Which guests did David Letterman get rid of the quickest? Was Shirley MacLaine really one of them?

After about 02:33 in the November 8, 2017 video Bill Murray and Jimmy Kimmel on David Letterman's Specialness Murray says: (Bill:)... You know that that was the fun part of it and he, and in the ...
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What is the machine pictured in this David Letterman transition?

I was watching old David Letterman segments. In an episode from 1982, I believe, the transition to a commercial break showed this image (5:17 in the video), which I'm assuming is of some sort of film-...
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Do late night shows inform celebrities who their co-guests are going to be so they can agree to appear on the show with them?

I got thinking about this ever since I saw an old Letterman video featuring Howard Stern, in which Howard gave an account of how he had a conflict with Sharon Stone the last time he was on the show. ...
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Who is the musical group that performed at the end of an David Letterman show that I am describing (they performed probably in the 2000s)?

There was a musical act that closed a David Letterman episode quite a few years back. It might have been in around 2000s or even before in the 90s. The act had a soulful brunette girl as the singer, ...
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