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Questions tagged [criminal-minds]

Criminal Minds is an American police procedural drama that differs from many procedural dramas by focusing on the victims and the criminal rather than the crime itself.

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2 answers

David Rossi's age in Criminal Minds

Bios have David Rossi from Criminal Minds born in 1956; but in Vietnam in 1969. Impossible, since he would only be 13 at that time. What explains this contradiction and what would the character's ...
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How does Gideon know the suspect is driving an American made truck?

In season 1 episode 1, Criminal Minds, Gideon is giving a lecture at FBI academy, he mentions the killer they are looking for exhibits the following traits: Stutters, Gideon explains stuttering is ...
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What was the brand of whisky that Rossi received?

I was just watching the newest episode of Criminal Minds (12x09 Profiling 202) and in that episode agent David Rossi receives a bottle of whisky as a birthday present. I am a whisky aficionado myself ...
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When did Derek Morgan step down and let Hotchner take over again?

In season 5 of Criminal Minds, Hotchner comes under some scrutiny from the Bureau so he persuades Morgan to sort of switch roles with him; Morgan would lead the team at least temporarily. I remember ...
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Did the actor for Gideon have an accident that caused him to be less prominent than usual?

In Criminal Minds season 1 episode 11 "Blood Hungry", the episode starts and Gideon is in crutches and has a cast on his foot. He is barely in the episode and is removed from all the action, which is ...
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Why does Reid carry a revolver?

Sometime in Season 4, Reid changes his standard carry piece from a semi-automatic pistol (like all the other agents) to a revolver. I found plenty of speculation as to why, but nothing solid. Is ...
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Why does Reid scribble into his notebook `Extreme Aggressor`

We all know that Reid has an eidetic memory. Nevertheless in the very first episode Extreme Aggressor he keeps scribbling into his notebook. Why does he need to take notes even if he will not forget ...
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2 answers

Does anyone know the version of the song "Strange Fruit" played in Criminal Minds S09E09?

The name of the Criminal Minds's Season 9, Episode 9, Strange Fruit, is an allusion to a song of the same name, popularized by Billie Holiday, which has a pretty interesting history and back story, ...
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Why does the Footpath Killer stutter?

In the S01E02 Gideon relates how he confronted a killer who stutters saying he knew the cause but he refuses to tell the cause to the rest of the team because they should find it out for themselves. ...
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Why the confusion over who was arrested in Criminal Minds?

Criminal Minds S9 Ep2 - "The Inspired (Part II)" When they make arrests at the end: Why would they need to do this? Perhaps there is there some aspect of the American legal system that I am not ...
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2 answers

Is it a real database or a directors' fantasy in "criminal minds"?

Kinda childish question... but I'm pretty interested in what daabase is used in the FBI TV drama Criminal Minds? They use query language with tabs to form a request that looks something like this: &...
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