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A TV or film genre that fictionalises crimes, their detection, criminals and their motives. Also crime film, crime fiction.

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Where does the "hooded hacker" cliché comes from?

Whenever there’s a series/movies/ad/article related to cybersecurity, more often than not, the attacker (inappropriately called a "hacker") will be depicted as a black/dark coloured-sweater ...
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Brits addressing police as 'Detective <surname>' - is there a name for this (trope)?

I first noticed this decades ago in the BBC series Silent Witness, and since then repeatedly, and most recently in The Devil's Hour (Amazon). British characters involved in a police investigation, ...
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Who poisoned Oliver's dog in “Only Murders in the Building?”

In the first season of mystery drama series Only Murders in the building, 3 amateur crime podcasters investigate on the murder of a tenant in their building. At the end of episode 3, one of the ...
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Has there ever been a police procedural with occasional recurring supernatural elements? [closed]

Has there ever been a police procedural that generally plays it straight, but occasionally (maybe a couple times a season) brings in some sincerely supernatural element? I know there have been such ...
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How realistic is the use of red yarn hub and spokes in crime television shows [duplicate]

I refer to a shot that occurs quite often in crime shows... There is the victim at the hub and spokes of red yarn that connect the suspects. How realistic is this in modern detective work? I have ...
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Movie where serial killer puts all the women he kills in the water like a "underwater garden" [closed]

The film is about this policeman, who tries to help one victim, who managed to escape from serial killer. If I remember correctly she had red hair and is really afraid of water. At the end of the ...
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Movie where retired weak cop stumbles on three women kidnapped by two black men? [closed]

Warning: this is a graphic movie. Read at your own risk. Details are below. Movie was in color Type of Movie: Live action Language: English Approximate Release Date: 2000 to 2015 Country: ...
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Teenage boy who witnesses the murder of his neighbor [closed]

I'm new here. I'm french so in advance sorry if I make mistakes. Since a very long time ago, I search a TV movie not very well-known that I watched in my youth. It's a similar movie from Rear Window ...
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Please help identify late 80's/early 90's movie: "Catfish" scams women [closed]

Lead (Caucasian) male in his 30’s (akin to John Terry or Jack Wagner) wins the trust of a (Caucasian) woman early in the movie, and feigns an investment opportunity for her. She is mid-30’s, single,...
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Legalities of shows recording crime?

I'm not quite sure how to form this question, but basically I've watched a lot of shows that record crimes happening. These are usually the series about narcotics, violence, etc. The shows film crimes ...
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Movie in which a crime lord executes hencemen in his office [closed]

I've had these particular scenes in my head for years but I'm curious as to what movie they came from, I must have seen it at least 15 years ago. If a henchman messed up in someway he would be ...
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Movie with intro where man kills two girls in a field [closed]

This has been driving me crazy for 10 years, maybe more. I saw it on TV and only watched the intro and got kinda scared (yeah I was very young) so I didn't watch past the intro, thus I can't describe ...
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A movie about a female cop going after two bored young lads that killed a woman [closed]

I watched an excellent movie before and now want to re-watch it, but can't remember its name. Here's the plot: Setting: California, or somewhere in the wild West, a ranch or something like that, ...
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An "older" movie about a man stealing a dead man's identity [closed]

All I remember about the movie is that a man in a hotel in Africa (I think) takes the identity of a man that he finds dead next door. The man doesn't realize that people are looking for the man whose ...
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How have television police procedurals in non-English speaking countries evolved over time?

I'm interested in the evolution and/or existence of the police procedural genre on television. Wikipedia outlines the timeline and summarizes representative shows through history for a few English-...
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