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Questions tagged [crew]

For general questions about the intricacies of a film's crew as a conglomerate of various different professions contributing to the making of a film or TV-show. For questions about specific professions, use more specific tags.

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68 votes
3 answers

How do they get very young child actors to cooperate?

In films and TV episodes where the script calls for very young (toddler/pre-school aged) child actors in various scenes (doesn't matter the genre, I'm just asking generically), how do the studios or ...
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1 answer

Why some TV shows like morning shows have no ending credits?

I've been watching some morning shows like Good Morning America, Today and This Morning (USA) and noticed that none of them have crew ending credits, just opening credits with the anchors and daily ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why so many writers for Land of the Lost?

The crew of the Land of the Lost (1974-1976) had a large number of writers: In fact, there were almost as many writers as all the other crew members combined. Is this normal? Why would the series ...
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Who are these guys that are following the cameraman?

In this video about the filming of The Battle of Winterfell, starting at 4:04 you can see 2 people follow around the cameraman as he is filming. What are they doing? They seem superfluous and ...
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26 votes
5 answers

Why does the boom operator have to hold the boom mic by hand?

This woman is a boom operator. She holds a long stick with a big microphone on one end, to record sound on movie and television shoots. If you've ever tried to hold something over your head for a ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Union contracts and extremely long workdays on movie sets

We've all heard about movie shoots with ridiculously long workdays, e.g., we've heard actors talk about getting up at the crack of dawn, working until the wee hours of the next morning, sleeping a ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, was anyone from T1 and T2 involved in making Genisys?

In my opinion Terminator: Genysis was much closer to the likes of Transformers than either T1 or T2, so I was wondering if anyone other than Arnold schwarzenegger was involved with all 3 movies: T1, ...
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4 votes
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Details of projects done by R Diwakar [closed]

I noticed the name R Diwakar in the opening credits of one of the best movies I have seen, Mumbai Police (Malayalam) as its cinematographer. Taken aback by the superb visuals and camera movements in ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Are actors all starving?

What do I mean by this question? Well, when watching making of videos, or even when a show like CSI, or Law and Order might have a movie production in an episode's plot, quite often they will show the ...
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11 votes
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What is the difference between a grip and a key grip?

Could you define what a grip does in the production of a movie, and then what makes the key grip, key? When looking at the crew list of "Big Trouble in Little China" I noted it also shows, in ...
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