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What kind of hero archetype is Rocky Balboa?

I watched the Creed and Rocky films and I was wondering what kind of hero archetype (classic, anti, byronic) Rocky Balboa fits into. I'm guessing it's probably classic/traditional hero since he has ...
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Why did Jim feel that the boxing match was like William Shakespeare’s work?

In Creed 2 (2018), for Creed and Drago's boxing match, Roy and Jim are commentators. ROY: Creed is letting Drago know exactly who this arena belongs to. JIM: It all feels so Shakespearean. Two ...
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Why did Rocky tell Adonis who won the secret 3rd fight?

At this point in Creed, Rocky had not yet decided to train Adonis. In fact, they had only just met and Rocky was surprised that Adonis even knew of the 3rd, secret fight between him and Apollo Creed. ...
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