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Questions tagged [columbo]

Television series starring Peter Falk as a polite but seemingly absent-minded police detective. Aired from 1971 through 1990 and a few years later with 1-3 episodes per year.

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What does "A Stitch In Crime" mean?

In the famous series Columbo there's an episode called "A Stitch In Crime" (Season 2, Episode 6). Now, I'm trying to understand the meaning of this title. Is there any connection to the ...
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In Columbo, season 3, episode 5, how does Riley Greenleaf get a copy of the key to the third lock?

Most of this question is a spoiler. The first sentence is about the first few minutes, but everything else is about Columbo finding out. In Columbo, season 3, episode 5, Riley Greenleaf gets a hired ...
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How old is Columbo?

Has Lt. Columbo's age ever been revealed, inferred, or commented upon? I was reading the Wikipedia page for the character and a lot of small details were found in episodes that I found very obscure (...
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What is the meaning of “Better than the Bourgeois.”?

I’m an English language learner. In Columbo, in the first scene of the episode “Short Fuse,” Roddy McDowall as Roger, making a cigar box bomb, says, “Better than the Bourgeois.” What does it imply? ...
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Why were there so many repeat performances in Columbo?

Watching Columbo reruns I noticed that a lot of actors have repeat performances in different episodes portraying different characters. This page has a big list of such actors, one of them played as ...
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Why do people repeatedly hit the phone hook switch when disconnected?

Watching a "Columbo" episode recently (c.1971), it had a scene that I realized I used to see a lot in older movies and TV shows. A woman is talking on her rotary phone, when the person on the other ...
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Does Lt. Columbo have an imaginary wife?

In several episodes of Columbo, he talks about his wife, but we never see her. In one episode based in Mexico, she is even invited to lunch, but leaves at the last moment. This seems to happen a lot - ...
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Is Lt. Columbo psychic?

So I was watching the old Columbo series, and saw a pattern again and again. Many times, there were no clues against a certain suspect, but still Columbo zoomed in on him/her, and kept asking ...
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