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Collateral (2004) is an American action thriller film directed by Michael Mann. It stars Tom Cruise as Vincent, Jamie Foxx as Max Durocher, Jada Pinkett Smith as Annie Farrell and Mark Ruffalo as Ray Fanning. Cab driver Max's life is in danger when his latest passenger Vincent turns out to be a professional hitman.

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Why doesn't Vincent kill Annie first?

On rewatch, a friend noticed that Max picks up Vincent right as he drops off Annie - which is to say Vincent was already at the location for the first of his targets. Why does he save her for last ...
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Meaning of wolves crossing city street in Collateral

While Max is driving his cab with Vincent in the back seat, they encounter I believe, two wolves crossing the street. I felt like there was some special emphasis put on that scene: Max has slowed down,...
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What happened to the other 2 muggers?

When Max is tied to the steering wheel in Collateral, he attracts the attention of 4 guys. They walk over to him, and one of the guys pulls a gun on him, stealing his wallet, while another guy gets ...
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Story of Vincent in Collateral (2004 film)

I just watched the movie Collateral. I understand about everyone's role in the movie but I don't know what motivates Vincent to kill the 5 people. What is/are the reason(s) behind this? Is there any ...
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How credible is the ending of Collateral?

Here's what happens at the end of Collateral (2004): The taxi driver manages to defeat a highly skilled hitman. Is it mere luck? Should we accept this as a screw-up on the part of the movie ...
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