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Released in 2016, Collateral Beauty is an American drama film directed by David Frankel, written by Allan Loeb and starred by Will Smith in lead role.

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Why does Claire tell Raffi he's "nine"?

In the movie Collateral Beauty, in the following dialogue between Claire and Raffi, I can't understand why Claire calls Raffi "nine": Claire: "That was the worst thing I've ever done.&...
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2 votes
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What does Howard know and when does he know it?

In Collateral Beauty, does Howard ever figure out his co-workers are gas-lighting him, and if so, when? Does he know The Real Truth™? When at the final meeting he says, "I'm disappointed", what is ...
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Why are Time, Death & Love only visible to Howard?

In Collateral Beauty Time, Death & Love are actors who were hired by Howard's employees. But in the final scene, these 3 actors are still only visible to Howard but not to his wife. Why is this ...
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