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2017 Disney Pixar animation. An aspiring young musician seeks his singing ancestor in the Land of the Dead.

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What is the demographics of Coco's underworld?

In Coco, if the memory of someone is needed for that person to survive in the underworld, there should be people from at least the 13th century (noble families that have descendants today and that ...
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In Coco (2017), Is "Papá Julio" Coco's husband?

In Coco (2017), when Miguel meets his family, and through all the movie, he always calls his family members like "Tia Rosita" (aunt Rosita), "Tia Victoria" (aunt Victoria) and so on. The only one that ...
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Did Hector vanish while Miguel ran to Mama Coco?

So, in this question we learned that Miguel ran to Mama Coco, since she was the only one whose memories were valid to keep Hector "alive" in the dead world. However, when Miguel arrives to his house, ...
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Why is Héctor disappearing if he is not really forgotten?

In Disney’s movie Coco (2017), when Chicharrón disappears, Héctor explains the "rules" about the Final Death, and how in order not to be forgotten and disappear, your stories must be passed by people ...
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Why is stealing De la Cruz guitar a family matter?

In Disney’s movie Coco (2017), Miguel is cursed for stealing from the dead, which is the reason he ends up in the land of the dead, as it is explained by a clerk: CLERK Well, you're cursed. The ...
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How did the Coco Day of the dead magic work before photography?

In the Pixar movie Coco, it is stated that you cannot pass to the land of living if your photo is not present at the altar. I know that Day of the dead tradition is based on real Mexican tradition, ...
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Why De la Cruz did not pass onto the 'Final death'?

In the movie, De la Cruz is so busy to organize and celebrate the Day of the Dead (in the Land of the Dead, of course) and does not even seem to care about returning and meeting his family (if he has ...
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Why does Dante become a Spirit Guide?

In Coco, Miguel's stray dog Dante goes with him into the spirit world. I thought at first that he become a spirit too because he stole food from offerings in the graveyard, thus stealing from the dead,...
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Why is Coco considered so good? [closed]

Coco is he front-runner for this year's Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. It also has 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and 8.6 on IMDb. To me it felt very traditional and cliche kind of film Disney ...
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Why did Miguel hurry to tell Coco about Hector?

As I understand, one condition has to be met, by dead people, in order to not disappear: to have at least one alive person that remembers you. There is one person that disappears due to being ...
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Why does the town believe Miguel?

At the end of ‘Coco’, the town where Miguel lives has banned Ernesto de la Cruz and has glorified Héctor Rivera. I’m assuming this is because Miguel told them about it. However, Why would the town ...
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Why is the name of the movie "Coco"

The Disney's movie Coco (2017 film) - Wikipedia follows a 12-year-old boy named Miguel who is accidentally transported to the land of the dead, where he seeks the help of his musician great-great-...
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