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Cobra Kai is an American comedy-drama web television series based on The Karate Kid film ... The show is about two men addressing past demons and present frustrations the only way they know how: through karate

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Contradiction regarding Mr. Miyagi's age

In Season 3 Episode 4 of Cobra Kai, about 20 minutes in, Daniel says that he is currently the same age that Mr. Miyagi was when they met: Throughout the series it is clear that the current events ...
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How come John Kreese in Cobra Kai isn't already in jail?

He has a record of physically and mentally abusing minors back then (considering the events that transpired in Karate Kid 1 and 3 movies, where he abused his Dojo students and Daniel) and now he's ...
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Who is the person Kreese called at the end of S03E10?

My GF insists it's the Sensei guy who sabotaged Daniel in Karate Kid 3. Clearly it's a person from Kreese's past, and the show doesn't have a problem bringing back any character from the KK universe. ...
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Did Daniel LaRusso really join Cobra Kai?

In season two of Cobra Kai, Daniel tells his Miyagi-Do students that he knows that Cobra Kai students can change because he was once Cobra Kai. That is news to me, but he tells the story which ...
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Has Cobra Kai broken the canon of the Karate Kid movies/1989 series at all (or was it already broken)?

As I'm watching the Cobra Kai series, I'm in awe with how phenomenal the series is in regards to inverting the conflict of the movies, while keeping true to the canon of those movies almost precisely. ...
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Is Johnny in Cobra Kai a sympathetic character?

As a preface to this question, I will say I only know what I see about the new Karate Kid series (Cobra Kai) from YouTube commercials. I am wondering if William Zabka's Johnny is now more a ...
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Do I need to watch any of the previous Karate Kid films for better understanding of Cobra Kai?

I wanted to start watching Cobra Kai but I have only seen The Karate Kid (1984) and The Next Karate Kid (1994). Do I need to see any other previous films before watching Cobra Kai for better ...
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Was Cobra Kai influenced by How I Met Your Mother?

In How I Met Your Mother a recurring joke was that Barney "doesn't get movies", so in the Karate Kid he roots for Johnny Lawrence whom he claims to be the actual karate kid. Later, Robin organizes a ...
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